Treatment Costs

Treatment Costs


For Appointments please telephone:

01892 322141




Treatment Costs



Initial Assessment Consultation and Treatment £40.00

Please allow 45 minutes for this consultation


The podiatrist will take a full medical history and advise on your foot health before carrying out appropriate treatments.


Routine Consultation £35.00

Please allow 30 minutes for this consultation


The podiatrist will examine your feet and lower limb before following the plan of care arranged at your initial assessment consultation.


Advanced Biomechanical Assessment &

Musculoskeletal Therapy from £50.00

Please allow 45 minutes for this assessment


The podiatrist will make a full assessment of your needs and may prescribe an orthotic or an exercise plan dependant on your requirements.


Nail Surgery

Cost will be discussed at initial consultation

Please allow one hour for a surgical proceedure


This includes the planned proceedure discussed during your initial consultation and redressing appointments (up to six)








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